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Mobile WFO design
« on: February 02, 2014, 12:52:53 AM »
Hi all,

I'm in the beggining stage of starting a MWFO business in a small town in rural NSW, Australia. There are some things required for the sake of 'food safety' which will have to be included, but I'm looking for input on basic layout. I've looked a lot of designs online but can't decide. I like when stuff seems contained on/within the trailer as it seems less hassle, but I'm not opposed with the basic set up of 'oven on trailer' and nothing else on it, then the free standing benches / refrigerated prep bench separate to the trailer.

Any have any experience in this? Have you got a MWFO and wish you'd designed the set up differently? Why?

For reference of self contained, open air trailers I include two youtube videos.

Here's an enclosed set up on the back of a very small truck which looks interesting too, as the other option is for an enclosed trailer which would kit out similar to this I suppose, but have more space (and include a refrigerated prep bench perhaps... I'm pretty sold on that idea no matter which option I go for).

Thanks for the input, opinions, suggestions and ideas. Cheers.