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Five ways to make a not fat pizza
« on: March 06, 2014, 11:32:34 AM »
There are various pizzas for various tastes , some "light" , more abundant in fat and carbohydrates. But there are different kinds of pizza that really do not make silhouette in danger!
Pizza can be a junk-food product and may even be a healthy preparation , depending on how it is prepared .
The more vegetables and herbs
If you're in town , order  pizza with vegetables and green . You'll be surprised how tasty can be a veggie pizza well done ! If you want to prepare at home , give up the addition of sausage , cheese and bacon, filling it with tomatoes, peppers , broccoli and other vegetables rich in vitamins A and C and fiber , but lower in calories.
Choose a thin dough
Avoid eating pizza with thick and fluffy dough or one that has pastry with filling. Only the dough of pizza slice may be 300 calories . Order or homemade dough thin and crocand . In fact , that is true Italian pizza . In this way , a slice will have less up to 100 calories than a slice of pizza dough or puff normal .
Choose mozzarella cheese
Whatever it is, do not  ​​for the cheese, the less likely that extratoping . The easiest cheese that stretches , however, the pizza at high temperatures is mozzzarella . It's easy , has fewer calories and less fat than any other type of cheese that can be put on pizza. It is best to use fresh mozzarella , as has a smaller amount of sodium than processed perfectly compact .

Try whole wheat dough
Some fast food restaurants and pizza menu already made ​​whole wheat dough . If it's hard to find a place where they serve pizza so you can do it yourself at home , because whole grain flour is found almost all supermarkets .
Do not eat too late at night
Usually , pizza is like eating meals that night , sometimes late at night, after several drinks consumed when you hunger fades , and the next morning if they remained slices of pizza ordered the day before at least . You can eat pizza and at 10.00 in the evening as long as you know they do not sleep before 01.00 . Make sure you let go , always two to three hours between your last meal , be it pizza, and when you put to sleep.

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