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Molino Alimonti Italy - Seeking Distributors in USA
« on: April 21, 2006, 05:20:23 AM »
Dear All

My name is Marco and I am the Export Manager for Italy's largest Italian Milling Industry, with 3 ultra-modern plants in Italy located in: - Ortona (province of Chieti), and Guardiagrele (province of Chieti) and Rome.
We produce both soft wheat and durum wheat flours for all sectors of both the home and the foreign markets.
We export in the whole European continent, South America, South Africa, Far East, Oceania with dedicated food distributors. In Italy we are proud of being supplier for the most important italian food brands like Nestlè, Unilever,Ferrero Melegatti, Bauli, Colussi, Pasta Delverde, and to the major supermarket chains in Italy and Europe.

Our daily production rate:

- 1.600 tonnes of tender wheat flour - 300 tonnes of semi-durum wheat flour - 600 tonnes of durum wheat flour

Molino Alimonti Group S.p.A has worked in the milling business for over 60 years and prides itself on its philosophy of attention to quality. This distinctive trademark guarantees constant high quality for all its products. This results in a precise choice to meet the high quality standards that our customers look for.
Thanks to an efficient and state of the art analytical laboratory our flour products are carefully controlled and also allows for select, raw ingredients which include grains and cereals.
Molino Alimonti S.p.a has produced high quality flour for various different uses for over 60 years, combining the most advanced research and analytical technology with traditional methods. The production line addresses both the final consumer and the industrial client and bakeries. Thus today it has turned itself into a diverse enterprise, which consists of specific lines destined for bread making, pizzas, fresh pasta, cakes and pastries, for shops and restaurants.


Bread-Baking Line The bread-making line offers a vast range of different types of flour to cater for the different needs of bread-making. The consistent quality of the products is due to expert mixing and accurate milling, characteristics appreciated greatly by both traditional bakeries and the industrial world. Just tell us what bread you need to bake and we will give you the right flour. Our protein content ranges from 10% to 18%. All our flours are naturally milled, do not contain any chemical additives for fortification of conservation. Detailed technical data sheets of all our bread baking flours are available on request

Pizza-Making Line The Pizza-making line offers 5 different types of pizza flour each with very specific features, developed to satisfy the creative fantasies of all pizza chefs, whether soft and tasty or light as a feather, fragrant and crumbly or traditional old style. Suitable for all kind of proving time (short to long), you will never be disoppointed.

Pastry-Making Line The pastry-making line of Molino Alimonti will help you show off your skills in pastry making and confectionery from speciality biscuits to fresh pastries, from plain biscuits to panettone a nd pandoro cakes. The Pastry line comprises five different options, eash with very specific features, perfect for creating all manner of specialities.

You can contact me at [email protected] or link on our website which is currenly in updating.

Any food distributors interested in importing and distributing our products is welcomed.