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shelf width
« on: March 09, 2014, 04:34:36 PM »
I am beginning to excavate for my install.  Antoine of Bread Stone Ovens has been very patient in answering this newbies questions, however input from the forum on shelf width would be appreciated.  A bit of background on the setting, the oven is going above a 32" retaining wall with a composite deck at the base and a  hillside behind.  The slab of the oven will be on grade.  I don't want the shelf to extend past the front lip of the retaining wall.  The shelf width will determine when I am done digging!   Those of you who have shelves do you find a 12" deep shelf sufficient (as suggested by the plans Antoine provided) or do you wish the shelf was deeper?  The shelf is going to be 6' wide and sit atop the wall making the finished height to be approximately 34" (the floor height of the oven is going to be 51").  Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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