Author Topic: Any tips for the newer (European) Ferrari Napoli ovens with 2 thermostats ?  (Read 930 times)

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I have a new model of the Ferrari Napoli oven and have been told that, due to the European safety rules, it now has 2 thermostats. This means that it quickly heats up to 450 C, but then switches off and cools down to 300 C, then heats up again etc. The Dutch importer recommended me to preheat the oven only for a short time, 10  - 12 minutes and then start baking. That way I would avoid the cooling down cycle. And between baking I should leave the lid open.
I find this a bit cumbersome and moreover I think my oven still not goes hot enough. It takes about 7 -8 minutes to get a good pizza and not 5 minutes as is advertized. I already tried the trick with a fan, but this doesn't work for me. (Maybe because of the extra thermostat ?).

Anyone has tips for working with the newer Ferrari models ?
Btw, this is the oven I have:

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Hello Ton

I just read your question. I own also this oven but not modified it (yet :-)).
I assume if there are 2 thermostats than there's one for the temperature regulation which is adjustable. And there will be a separate fix max. temp safety  thermostat.
The first thermostat will probably has a hysteresis which cause the temperature to variate.
These thermo mechanical thermostats are usually very inaccurate.
I am currently in the process of designing some kind of electronic PWM regulator to overcome this problem.