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Just a quick introduction.

I have made my own pizza's for years, but just followed a strict recipe from a cook book.  Recently, i decided to try something new and found a sourdough starter recipe. 

After a failed start, I finally got the starter happy and healthy.  However, the way I made pizza in the past just isn't working the same.  So I started reading online, gathering info. I stumbled on this site, and like the tone and expertise. 

I have a round pizza stone, but am going to put a large rectangular stone in my oven. I wnat to start making, besides pizza, ciabatta rolls and bread. 

Something very regarding about making the dough, baking it and having a great result: fresh pizza, fresh bread and rolls.

So while cooking pizza acceptably for a long time, I want to do it better and branch out.

Forum's like this are a great resource...

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Welcome aboard my fellow pizza maker  :chef:

This is a great method to make your SD Pizza, I have made it plenty of times with fantastic results! -