Author Topic: What are the main causes (probably) when dough keeps shrinking when spreading ?  (Read 1165 times)

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As I already mentioned in another thread I still have problems sometimes when spreading the dough. When I do it by hand it often keeps pulling back and shrinking again. When I finish it with a roller pin subsequently it goes much easier.
Now I wonder what the main cause(s) is/are for this shrinking, so that I can try to avoid it. Is it most probably the dough itself, the kneading technique, the fermentation or something else ?

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The gluten is over developed.  Cut back on the mixing/working time.

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I found that increasing the autolyse time pretty much solved all my elasticity issues.

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Is I'm coming from breadmaking, I always tend to develop the gluten very well.

- Having a very long (8 hours +) "bench rest" will relax the structure. (I would't do in on the bench though but in a closed container for the dough not to become dry).

- Going lower in salt will make the gluten stretchy. You will notice that, when you autolyse dough and start kneading before you incorporate the salt. I wouldn't go less than 1,8% though.

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I used to have the same issue.

I did two new  the last time & got perfect elastic dough.

So elastic that it formed a nice 'waterfall' as a flipped & gentle scooped dough out mixer bowl about 3 feet off table.

If you've seen how they make Chinese noodles stretch, the same marvelous elasticity.

What I did was reduce machine kneading time from 15 minutes to about 8 AND I let it autolyse for 15 minutes after initial 2 minute knead.

So it's either the shorter knead time the 15 minute autolyse.
I suspect a combination of the two.