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Yeast prices to increase
« on: May 12, 2006, 07:27:57 PM »
May, 2006 
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Lallemand/American Yeast announced a price increase to be effective May 14, 2006, or as current contracts expire. The company will increase prices 5 cents a lb. (8 cents a lb. compressed basis) on full tanker trucks of fresh cream yeast, 8 cents per lb. on pallet quantities or greater of bag yeast and 10 cents per lb. on pallet quantities of block yeast. Dry yeast prices will increase $0.12 per pound.

The company cites environmental, energy, transport, raw material and packaging costs as reasons for the increase.

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Re: Yeast prices to increase
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I will not be deterred.

I have a pound of ADY in my freezer.  Since I use it a tsp at a time, I'll be making pizza with that until I retire (if it doesn't go bad).
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