Author Topic: BlackStone FLAME coming out in front where Temp control knob is at set on High  (Read 2753 times)

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Just put together my Blackstone I bought Last Sept of 2013
The pizza grill was easy too put together

I know the Temp gauge sucks (so lets leave that alone}
When I turned my Temp Control all the way up {highest temp}It seems that a FLAME is coming out where
the Control Knob is at.
When its on low or Med there is no problem cooking a pizza
But when you turn the grill on the highest settings the FLAME is coming out where the control knob is at.
I shut the grill down at the propane tank since I did not want to get burnt touching the control knob.
I tried HIGH temp a few times and still the same problem having a FLAME coming out of the Control knob in the front of the grill.
Maybe the Temp was too high?
What about maybe a little wind?
But makes NO sense having a flame anywhere near the Temp Control in the front of our grills............JT


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JT, early in the Blackstone thread, there were two modes of thought expressed relating to flaming knobs.

1. You get what you pay for, it's still a great oven and will still get plenty hot when the knob is at a non flame setting, be happy with what you've got and use it.

2. Ovens should NEVER have flame shooting out of them. This is either a defective product (Blackstone's fault) or damage as a result of poor packaging (again Blackstone's fault). Send it back and have them send you one that doesn't shoot flames.

I am firmly in camp two. Send it back.

Now, back when this discussion was at it's peak, sending it back meant getting the same model oven.  These days, you might get another model.  In fact, I'm pretty sure the move from a 10 psi regulator to a 5 psi regulator was because of this issue. So far, it's looks like the 5 psi regulator is just as powerful, but I'd like to see more 90 second bakes with the 5 psi model before I sign off on it.

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I agree
If I keep the Blackstone on Med there are NO flames (must be around 600 - 700 degrees}
Only when I turn it all the way up when a FLAME appears in the front where you have to shut it off at the propane tank ONLY and NOT at the control knob knowing where the Flame is at.....
Thought first it was a reflection but after 3 or 4 times it was a flame
I will call Blackstone tomorrow,,,I am sure they will send some sort of a replacement without
me sending the whole grill back.................Thanks.JT
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Johnny, it sounds like a defective control valve -  the knob you turn at the front of the oven.  All knobs allow some leakage ( the hole in the valve must be large enough to allow the stem to turn) but normally the amount of gas that leaks out is tiny.  In yours, either the hole is too large, or the stem is too narrow, and so it allows too much gas too leak out.  It definitely needs to be replaced.  I think Tampa took his apart and rebuilt it.  The problem with replacing that part is that it is behind the front panel which is not designed to be removed by the owner, so BS may have to send you a new main body instead of just the valve, but either way it must be fixed.

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I just called Blackstone today and the good people that work  there
are sending me a New  patio oven base .
I sent them 2 pictures,one of the whole grill and the other is a close up with a small burnt mark
next too the control knob and the tech told me not too use the grill.
Maybe I should save the one that's being replaced for parts if ever needed...........JT


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I was one of the original flaming knob people to post, I think.  I decided to neglect mine, as it only seemed to happen at full tilt, which I tried to keep it below.  It seemed as long as flames didn't lick off the ceiling and over the face of the oven then it was okay.

Fast forward until last week, I walked back out to my patio as it was warming up to the knob on fire.  It was on fire long enough to make the knob stuck in the LOW position.  It could have been much worse to have walked out to a flaming deck.  I probably shouldn't be leaving the grill unattended at all, but now the grill is broke as well.

So I recommend replacing it on the spot.  I just sent BS an email on my situation.  At this point I'd rather have a 700F oven than a 900F fire hazard, or really at this point for me, a paperweight.

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It could have been much worse to have walked out to a flaming deck.  I probably shouldn't be leaving the grill unattended at all, but now the grill is broke as well.

Their is something to say about quality. My junky gas grills used to that every two or three years during the first springtime firing.  I eventually broke down and spent the extra money for a Weber Genesis.  It is now going on 14 years with no problems.

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seems that it works fine on low and med temp
I will not put it any higher and will keep the replacement till
this one starts to fall apart(guess that will be after next winter?}Hope
it will be longer then that.........JT