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Short: both great true Neapolitan pizza executed as well as if not better than the VPN stuff I get in NYC.

While I spent a lot of time in CO last month, I got distracted checking out the rest of Denver's restaurant/drinks scene (great by the way) so I only hit a few pizza joints. 

First up: Marco's Coal Fired

Classic Margherita: perfectly done with balanced toppings and flavors.  I went for lunch and they were busy enough to be cooking four pies at a time and I was timing about 60-80 seconds a pie.  You can see how well the crust, bottom crust and toppings were cooked in the first three pictures.  Especially that buffalo mootz that melted but didn't brown and the basil that charred just a bit.  I gave a slice away to a stranger (local) next to me at the bar and he offered a pie with asparagus and fried egg on top but the egg looked gross.  It looked like it had be cooked in a pan for a long time and slipped on top.  I normally love eggs on pizza but not fried eggs (looking at you Motorino).

Next: Pizzeria Locale
I stopped into the fast casual business (Denver) first and looked around and talked to the guys behind the counter.  The operation looked really smooth and the space was great.  I wasn't hungry enough to eat a pie even though they offered a free one.  I was determined to go to the original location and assumed the dough would be similar (speaking with the manager it was apparent that it was different).  Looking at the few pies that came out, the skins getting stretched, and the toppings at the bar, I was convinced I couldn't be totally disappointed at the price point ($7 at the low point).  4th pic is their automated oven.

That night I had two amazing pies at the original Pizzeria Locale in Boulder.  My wife & I started with drinks and the mercato grilled radicchio salad (bitter, sweet & funky = yum).  The first pie was the Mais; a white pie with corn, proscuitto cotto and garlic.  This pie was baked with a little less flame than normal but I didn't miss the extra char when it was going down.  It had the perfect amount of mootz and creme fraiche which plagues a lot of white pies in NYC (hate it when there's just too much cheese weighing down good dough).  A drizzle of their chili oil really completed the sweet corn and ham for me.  The second pie was their margherita.  Amazingly well done and I could really taste/feel their house mootz here.  If it weren't for a lack of sour in the cheese, I would have guessed it was buffalo; the texture was perfect.  The meal was completed with their budino and some amaro.  If you go, definitely get those to finish the night and try to grab a seat at the pizza line bar (quite a few seats).  I spent a lot of time talking to the guys on the line and they were all friendly and seemed interested in my own pizza making experience in NYC. 

I'll definitely go back to Locale if I can for their menu and atmosphere.  Marco's pizza was great, but I wasn't so interested in trying the other things they had to offer on their menu.  And downtown Denver had so many WFO pizza joints that I doubt I'd repeat Marco's without knocking off a few others on my hit list.

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Re: Marco's Coal Fired (Denver, CO) & Pizzeria Locale (Boulder, CO)
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cool I have been to all of em ! Loved the Mais !!at locale Boulder my fav!
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Re: Marco's Coal Fired (Denver, CO) & Pizzeria Locale (Boulder, CO)
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Judging by the looks of the bottom pizzas, they need to crank up the oven temps a bit.