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Having trouble with my pizza pans bowing/bending in the oven above 525-550F.  Recently upgraded from domestic Blue Steel baking sheets purchased from World Cuisine / Amazon to "black strap metal pizza teglio pans" purchased from Artisan Pizza Solutions.  Both pans bow at around the same temperatures.  All cured correctly and many times before use.  No issues with sticking, just bowing/bending during bake. (See attached photos).

The owner of Artisan Pizza Solutions, Michael Fairholme, who guaranteed me that bowing would not be an issue with his pans because of their patented "X" design (see attached photos), has been nice enough to send me a new set of pans at no cost.  And, this time, he included a set of instructions with my order.  These instructions refer to a "curing bake" where you cure the pans using dough that is meant to be discarded.  He wants me to follow the instructions, "to make sure your pans don’t fold again."

Has anyone ever tried or heard of seasoning pans like this?  I'm skeptical but am willing to try.  Just thought I'd put the topic up for comments/suggestions/questions before curing them again. 

How to cure the black strap metal pizza teglio pans:

Step one: Pre-heat your oven to 500F
Step two: Prepare a batch of dough/scale & tray/proof as though you were making finished product. After the curing cycle each tray needs to have at least one “curing” bake with dough only (no sauce) that you’ll then discard.
Step three: Clean the metal pans with a slightly wet towel (never wash them with soap and water) to remove any dirty or machine oil left behind from the factory. Let them dry.
Step four: Pour some vegetable oil onto a clean dry towel cover the pan surface with a thin layer – just the inside surface where the dough will be placed.
Step five: Bake the oiled pans in the pre-heated oven (500F) for 5 minutes until they start to smoke. Remove from the oven and let them cool down.
Step six: Apply another thin layer of vegetable oil to each pan and spread enough dough to fill the pan; this is a “curing bake” (no sauce) only and will be discarded. Repeat a second time if you have the time.
Note: before baking product remember to apply a thin layer of vegetable oil before working your dough into the pan.

Don't see the attached photos showing up in the preview so, just in case they don't make it to the post, I'll include a link to the photo of the pan bowing in the oven...

Thanks in advance for any comments you may wish to share...