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Gargano's Pizza East Petersburg, Pa.
« on: May 09, 2014, 05:55:20 PM »
I don't normally stop at other pizzerias to taste their pizzas in my area.  After I had left home today the woman called me and said the firebricks were cut for the Blackstone Pizza unit.  I was on my way to pick up flour and get some things at the webrestaurant store.  I knew I would not be back in time to pick up the firebricks today because I then also had to go to market.  I can pick them up tomorrow though.

On the way back I knew I would pass by Gargano's Pizza and knew they sold dough balls from awhile ago.  I thought I would stop in Gargano's and purchase a slice of pizza and also two dough balls to try out in the BS tomorrow.  I thought then I would not have to make dough.  I did purchase a slice of pizza to go and asked about purchasing dough balls.  The man that waited on me said they don't sell dough balls, sauce or cheese anymore.  I asked why they didn't sell dough balls anymore.  The man told me since they got their liquor license the state of Pa. will not allow them to sell raw products anymore.  I sure don't know, but thought they did sell liquor before when I knew they did sell dough balls.  I never tried any of their dough balls but the one maintenance man at market did and said they dough balls were decent to make pizzas.

I looked at what type of ovens they were using to make their pizzas and they were Bari ovens.  I took a few photos in the van of the slice of pizza.  I did not eat the slice of pizza until I got to market.  Gargano's is only about 5 minutes away from market.  The slice was decent in taste.  The cheese was very gooey and was flavorful.  I saw a lot of fat ran off from the cheese.  The sauce was good, but a little to sweet for me.  The bottom crust was brown and tasted fine in combination with the cheese and sauce.  When just eating the rim crust it tasted okay.  The slice folded nicely.  I had purchased whole pizzas at Gargano's a long while ago but I forgot how they tasted.

The first photo of Gargano's pizza was at the side door where I parked.

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