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Once upon a long, long, long, long time ago (three years before they devised that scroll copy, CGI and the rest, I was sent to the store to get cheese for homemade pizza. A particular National brand was specified and much to the horror of all involved, I made a (gasp) substitution. Let me share that my state of residence is one in which moisture is sufficiently ample on the coast to supply the hoard of heifer (et al) herds with grass and other green consumables to insure a quality source of milk from whence to manufacture molten morsels. In fact, there are (at least there were) two major manufacturers of dairy related products. Well, though there were ample doubts and probably some reluctance at the outset, what I procured didn't find its' way into the round file, but into our bowels. From that time on, when the family sat down to homemade Pizza, the cheese brand that I sustituted was used. Though I know of a certain graphic artist who has produced this companies advertising images for eons, and though I don't own stock (nor work) in the company(ies), let me say that you can not go wrong with made in Oregon tillamookcheese.comor Bandon cheese (the latter is now owned by the former and is superior to it). Remember, I staked a lot in that substitution, and have survived to tell the tale.

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 :) Cute story

I am a big fan of tillamook, but it has not made it onto any of my pizzas. I reserve it for dishes that do not involve melting. Not becuase I have found it inferior, but because we enjoy the perfectly aged cheese so much as it is.

I have kept my eye out for mozzarella from Tillmook for use on pizza, but alas, I have not come upon any. I also have not seen food service sizes in my area, wholesale or retail. (I could have sworn I used to be able to find them many moons ago.) I can't afford to purchase a case of the smaller blocks on a retail level. So again, tillamook is reserved for unmelted dishes and appetizers.

Thanks for mentioning Brandon cheese, I have tried it on a few occassion and throught it was similar. I did not find it the same, but the closest to the tillamook label. Brandon usually costs a bit less too.
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