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Il Fornaio (Las Vegas)
« on: June 26, 2006, 08:05:05 AM »
While on a recent business trip to Las Vegas, I met several people who raved about the bread at Il Fornaio at the New York New York Hotel and Casino. I have to admit that the baguettes were quite delicious but their Pizza Margherita was bad... really bad! The pizza that I was served was undercooked, the bottom being blond in color with absolutely no charring. The sauce was not your typical Neapoiltan type sauce, rather it was more like Ragu spaghetti sauce from a jar. The cheese appeared to be shredded and was applied uniformly and the fresh basil was chopped and cooked with the pizza (i.e., the "leaves" were cooked brown from the heat of the oven.) The dough had a strange texture... as if it was machine made (it did not appear to be hand stretched... it was too symmetrical to have been made by hand.) And the crust had a "sandy" texture to it, must have been raw semolina flour. All in all, this was the worst pizza that I have ever had at any restaurant. I would rank this pizza lower than a domestic pizza such as Papa John's (no kidding!) This pizza reminded me of the frozen variety that one would find at your local Food Lion (I know this sounds harsh, but everyone at my table agreed that this pizza was awful!)

In summary, if you stop by Il Fornaio, buy yourself a few loaves of their fresh bread... it's outstanding. The Linguine Mare Chiaro was good (not great.) I recommend that you avoid the pizza at all costs.