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Growing your business
« on: July 25, 2014, 11:52:09 PM »
I currently own a mobile wfo business, from May thru October we are extremely busy and often turning down business due to already being booked for the day. I am looking to expand and grow, but wondering what avenue to explore. My current setup requires a lot of effort and labor to setup, making my minimum costs for clients effective for 50 or more people. This prices us out of a lot of smaller events, weekday stuff etc. ideally I would like to make pizza 12 months of the year, signaling it is time for a Brick and Mortar (B/M) shop. That comes with a whole new set of headaches, so the question is where to grow. Do I buy a smaller truck and scale down setup and costs to clients for smaller parties with the current oven, do I buy an additional oven to accommodate multiple bookings, or do I go B/M and operate the mobile WFO out of the shop as an additional revenue stream.

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