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Pre-baking crust in a pan, then baking on a tile
« on: August 15, 2006, 08:58:46 AM »
Last week, after perusing around in Belo Horizonteīs Mercado Central, I came across some mini-pizza pans (alumininum). SO the wheels start turning, and I think-  Time to make mini pizzas. Considering their small size (10 cm), I figured they would cook quickly on a hot tile placed at the bottom of the oven, but would first have to pre-bake the crusts in the pan.  This took all of one minute, after which the crust rose beautifully, but still remained soft and not crunchy.  After removing the crusts from the pan, on went the ingredients, and I placed the mini-pie directly on the tile, with the oven at 280 Celsius (about 530 Farenheit).  After about 3 minutes (including opening the oven door to rotate the pie several times- I found there were contact spots where the bottom of the crust was browning quickly, and in some cases even burning) the little pies were ready to take out.  I noticed that even with the oven door open, the little pies went on bubbling and sizzling :D.   I was VERY happy with the results- I figured it was about as close to pizzaria pizza as I could get, albeit a bit scaled down. 
  I also tried the same thing with a couple 20cm pizzas, almost as good, but a bit harder to manipulate while on the tile.  One even tore in the middle, where the crust was thinnest.  An acceptable casualty. 
  * What I changed from previous efforts:
1. After making the dough at 10a.m. I punched it down once and left it unrefrigerated until I used it - about 8:30 pm.
2. I used a bit less flour than usual, and a little more water.  I wanted to get a "wetter" dough, since Iīd be using a tile after the crust pre-bake.
3.  I tried to not overknead, but I think I kneaded for about 5 minute, a little shorter than usual.
4.  I took out the thin sheet metal separator that rests above the ovenīs range, and replaced it with a regular oven rack, topped with 2 non-toxic clay tiles.  I wanted the heat more concentrated and less diffused.

Needless to say that the hours spent reading some of the posts on this forum contributed towards my acheiving mini-pie heaven ;D
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