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Guy,  I know for SURE that the sir galahad is the all purpose.  So if the eurpoean style is also all purpose,  it would be sir galahad.  does that make sense.  -marc

I am able to get 50# bags of Sir Galahad here for about $17/bag (DFW area). On the front of the bag, it has the King Arthur Logo and say's Sir Galahad Flour. It also says that it is for Artisan baking (not sure how they state it since I have tossed the bag). It doesn't say All Purpose anywhere on it, but I use it as my all purpose flour.

I have also tried their labeled European style flour and it seems to be the same as far as the results I get. The Sir Galahad is enriched so it works very well for breads. I have yet to try it for pizza though.. Guess I should since I feed it to my starter.  :chef:
- Rich