Author Topic: Baltimore Area - source for tomatoes, flour, cheese  (Read 1446 times)

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Baltimore Area - source for tomatoes, flour, cheese
« on: September 05, 2006, 06:27:03 AM »
If you are near the Baltimore area, check out Prima Foods. They are a wholesale food service and sell direct to the public. They website says the minimum order is $300, but that is for delivery. They have a spearate store that sells to the public and there is no minimum purchase required. Their website is:
They have an extensive catalog (on their website) with hundreds of different items. They carry most of the Stanislaus, Don Pepino and Sclafani tomato products (you have to buy a case of 6 #10 Cans) as well as Pillsbury Balancer Hi Gluten flour, yeast, sausage, pepperoni, different brands and types of olive oil and different brands of cheese. I like their shredded 50/50 mozzarella/provelone mixture. They also have pizza screens, pans and peels. I have never had anything shipped, so I can't comment on their performance in that area.