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Whole Foods - California Gold Whole Milk Mozz
« on: September 13, 2006, 11:28:20 PM »
Brand new member here, though I've been reading various forums for about a month as a guest.  Y'all have really helped direct me to some great tips, brands, etc.  The Whole Foods here in KC carried Polly-O [low moisture] at about $6 lb up until last week.  I am new at using whole milk mozz [thanks to this site] and found the Polly-O freakin' great.   I went back to WF  this week to grab another pound and they told me they no longer carry the Polly-O!!!  They instead were replacing it with "California Gold".

Well, I bought a pound last night of the CG and it was pretty damn good. 

!)  $3.29 lb
2)  Shredded similarly to the Polly-O, though a bit dryer and not quite as lofty
3)  It was a bit saltier when I tried it pre-pizza, but I did not notice that in the pizza
4)  it melted as wonderfully as the Polly-O and was damn close in flavor; not as rich as the Polly-O but close

Anybody tried this brand? 

This whole milk mozz newbie ordered a 6lb loaf of Grande from Vern's.  Should be here within a day or two.  Seeing the opinions here, that was either a good or bad spend ;^)

Thanks to all you folks that share their opinions and experiances.  I've learned a lot from this group in a relatively short time.