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Re: "Detroit Style" - Buddy's or Shield's
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never had an actual Detroit pizza but this pie was absolutely amazing thanks to all the recipes and tips in this thread!!
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Re: "Detroit Style" - Buddy's or Shield's
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Beautiful! Welcome to the forum, Banks

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Re: "Detroit Style" - Buddy's or Shield's
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Iíve been lurking and learning from many threads here at pizzamaking.com this past year.  I got tired of spending $30+ a week on pizza so I wanted to learn how to make great pizza at home.  Turns out that the Detroit style has become the family favorite here in Utah.  I made four today along with three NY-style.

My procedure has been to do a 3-day CF poolish using IDY.  On dough day I mix all the water and about half of the flour followed by a 20-minute autolyse.  Then I add the IDY, salt, sugar, and remaining flour and mix for 6 minutes.  The dough is 76% HR and I CF the balled dough for three days.  On pizza day I take the cold dough balls, 257 g each, and stretch them into a rough square letting gravity do most of the stretching.  The dough goes into a Walmart 9x9 steel pan that has about 1.25 teaspoons of EVOO drizzled in it.  I press the dough out to fit the bottom of the pan, cover with plastic wrap, and put it in the oven to proof for four hours with the light on to provide a little warmth.

I par bake on a hot stone at 500F for 5 mins, top and back in the oven for 4-5 more minutes.  Sometimes I turn on the broiler during the second bake if I want the cheese to brown a bit.  Cool for 2 minutes, go around the edge with a knife then lift out the pizza with a tuner/spatula.
I ordered some Detroit-style pans from Restaurant Equippers, https://www.equippers.com/detroit-style-8-x-10-rectangular-steel-pizza-pan/1212332.asp, so Iíll season and try them out next weekend.

Many thanks to all who post here on the forums.  After a year of making pizza once a week my family wonít let me stop!  :o  Here are some pics from todayÖ


That crust crumb looks amazing.  What are the ingredients and percentages?

Update: I used the recipe on the first page of this thread and modified it for 76% hydration and no oil.  It's in the fridge proofing now, but it turned out super sticky, I could hardly get it off my hands and into the bowl.  I haven't played around with hydration %s but for 76% that's probably normal?
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Re: "Detroit Style" - Buddy's or Shield's
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Flour (100%)
Water (78%)
IDY (.15%)
Salt (2.75%)
Sugar (.75%)

The dough is easy to handle after a 3-day CF.  Stretch and press the cold dough it into the pan right after you pull it from the fridge and it won't be hard to handle.  Let it rise for 4-5 hours in the pan covered w/ plastic wrap.

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Re: "Detroit Style" - Buddy's or Shield's
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Coming in hot:

Straight from Buddy's brand ambassador.  I thought it was interesting they say the leave the dough in the pan up to an hour and a half inbetween stretches.
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