Author Topic: How to acheive a buttery-garlic taste  (Read 1784 times)

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How to acheive a buttery-garlic taste
« on: October 09, 2006, 07:50:04 PM »
I want to create a thin crust Chicago style pizza with a buttery-garlic taste that is also light and crispy. How do the really great pizza places achieve this effect and in what ingredient proportions? The different possibilities that come to mind are to:

1. Incorporate garlic powder/garlic oil, butter favored oil/melted butter to flavor the dough
    in the dough making process.
2. Smother the dough ball in melted garlic butter before putting it in the fridge for it's   
    overnight rise.
3. When stretched out, brush the pizza dough skin with a garlic-butter sauce.
4. Spread garlic butter over the toppings before baking.
5. Spread garlic-butter sauce in the pizza pan sheet before placing the dough in.  My idea
    is that the sauce will bake into the crust bottom.
6. After the pizza is cooked, spray the topping with garlic & butter mist. I tried this but it
    had little effect.
7. Use mozzarella that has a real buttery taste.

Any suggestions on how best to achieve a distinct buttery-garlic taste in my pizza would be greatly appreciated.