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Tonight's margherita pizza
« on: October 11, 2006, 09:18:43 PM »
Thought I'd try making my first true margherita pie this evening and it was a success. I found the fresh basil to be just a little too much for me, it was extremely strong. The sauce could've been better too, cheap Private Selection tomatoes. I probably could've blended it up even more, just way too chunky for me. The cheese and crust were tasty though, the crust was so delicate after a 24 hour cold rise. Very easy to stretch and shape. The crust tasted very good but probably a touch too wet. Very soft interior but a nice crunch on the outside. Yes I did remember salt this time...

I experimented some with the broiler but any longer and the cheese would've burned. I want to get a nice charred crust but don't want to deal with the cleaning cycle as Jeff does. However, there is no glass window on my oven door so maybe one day.