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Mazzie's Pizza Marion Ohio
« on: December 26, 2013, 06:51:19 PM »
I was buying flour at the RD the other day and ran into a couple doing the same.  I asked if they made pizza and they said yes.  We ended up talking for quite awhile.  Ron is from Brooklyn and is making a pizza like his family shop in Brooklyn.  I asked if I could come out for a visit and today I spent a couple hours with Ron and his wife Kelli before they opened.  We talked pizza, pizza, pizza, the good old days of back home, and their journey with running a shop here in OH.  Their pizza is very good.  The best I have in a shop in OH so far.  They do a 3-5 cold ferment on the dough which contains cake yeast, eggs, oil, sugar.  The sauce is 7/11 and the cheese Grande whole milk mozz.  They cook on blodgett deck ovens.   I tried a cheese pie in the back with them.  It was a chewy soft crust pie that baked at about 500 degrees.  They use ezzo pepperoni which I never had before.  I found it very close to the spicy Pepato Pavone that we use.  They also use greek oregano.  Their sausage  reminded me of back home.  Kelli makes homemade meatballs and Ron makes the sub rolls.  They make a lot of different stuff besides pizzas as well.  Ron turned me onto to Cool Crisp Sweet Pepper Strips.  I never tasted these before.  He uses them in his sausage rolls I believe.   I am going to have to get a jar of these.  So if you live in the Marion area check them out.  They are good people with all employees family members and they live across the street from the shop.  Here is the link to their website.   It was really fun to eat a pizza in OH that I liked that I didn't have to make and get to know a couple of really nice people a bit better ;D  Walter

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