Author Topic: rotoflexoven any good?  (Read 4000 times)

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rotoflexoven any good?
« on: October 12, 2006, 06:03:35 PM »
I tried to contact with no luck, anyone know prices?

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Re: rotoflexoven any good?
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2006, 09:40:44 PM »
Pizza Boy,

I have been reading about the Roto-Flex ovens for some time at the PMQ Think Tank forum. In general, people seem to like the Roto-Flex ovens very much. They are essentially a cross between a conveyor oven and a deck oven, with the volume of a conveyor oven and the bake of a deck oven.

I believe the Roto-Flex ovens come with up to four decks. The decks rotate about four times a minute. The pizzas are baked on steel or stone, either by sliding the pizzas onto the baking surface or starting with a screen and moving the pizza onto the baking surface at some point. You may want to check this out, but I believe the steel decks are standard and that stone decks are extra, about several hundred dollars extra per deck. In some places, a hood and a fan may be required, which is extra. I have read that the price for two decks and two doors is somewhere above 25K. There are reps out there who deal with Roto-Flex ovens, including used ovens, and may be willing to deal, and I have read that occasionally they can be found on eBay although I suspect they move fast and at good prices. One of the few negatives I have read about the Roto-Flex ovens other than their high price is that they seem to consume more energy than other types of ovens.

If you want to read some posts on the Roto-Flex, I would go to the search feature of the PMQ Think Tank, at;search, and search the archives. Since the search feature is case and spelling sensitive, I would use the terms “Roto-Flex”, “Rotoflex”, and “rotoflex”, without the quotes, in the search box. For the most hits, use the longest period for the search.

For more recent Roto-Flex PMQ TT posts, you should also use the search feature on this page:, at the top right hand corner.

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