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g'day from oz
« on: November 07, 2006, 09:05:28 AM »
didnt know where to post and say saw noob and decided to rant here ;Dmy name is Daniel and live in a little city called Adelaide,in australia..kind a foody town..come from a family that have been in the hospitality game for a while and been around the pizza industry for quiet some time now...have been watching your lovely forum from a far for some time and must say..fellas doing very well..quiet some passion you have for the dough ;)you must be all Italian :-D
   i recently  sold my first restaurant pizzeria which i purchased 4 years ago as a dump and slowly brought it up too a nice indy.t/o..aswell as modernize it and fit it out with new machinery..fridges freezers cooktops benches mixer processor slicer but kept using my electra bake 2 door brick oven coz i really love the outcome of the pastry in these ovens-elements top and bottom consistent heat pastry comes out a goldeny dark texture with lots of crunch and nice and soft/airated inside..not the best quarterly bill too pay  mind you but the customers pay if they love :o also refitted the front of house and front window advertising and light box..was a nice place...but now onto bigger and better things found a location in a prominent area..needs quiet abit of attention..ill post I go..make it into a project pizza bar for you all ;D
-now what i really wanted too say/do was too compliment jeff varasano wet dough my family we only but use this procedure and for many years..jeff if your reading you are a pizziola brother..I can remember when i was a child my father saying too me 'come here feel this iz beutifull,iz soft like  baby bum'had the best laugh when i read that in your dough procedure thred..good  work fellas and keep them bases comin ;)