Author Topic: help! DLX newbie question on scraper  (Read 1917 times)

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help! DLX newbie question on scraper
« on: November 25, 2006, 04:26:52 PM »

Just wondering if some DLX owners might be able to help me out here.  I'm setting up the mixer for the first time, and the maunal says, in section 2, under Scraper:

"Attach the scraper in place.  The scraper should not touch the bottom of the bowl.  If it does, adjust the height of the scraper by adjusting the screw situated in the knife shaft with a screwdriver as illustrated."

I don't even know where to begin with this.  First of all, when I put the scraper on, it does in fact slightly touch the bottom of the bowl (i.e. the very tip of it is in contact with the bowl, albeit very slightly).  So I need to adjust it I guess.

However, I don't see any "knife shaft", and the only screw I see is for the dough hook hole.  I tried adjusting that screw (although I don't see how it would have anything to do with the scraper), and no scraper adjustment took place at all.  And there's no "illustration" to refer to as far as I can see.

Does anyone know what to do here?  It's frustrating.


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Re: help! DLX newbie question on scraper
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2006, 12:30:45 PM »
Hi Canadave.
Congratulations with your new machine, which will likely serve you life long.

My mothers "DLX" or rather a predecessor to the DLX was bought 50 years ago, and is still working!

In my Electrolux Assistent, as the DLX is called in Scandinavia, there is no adjustment screw either for the scraper, and I would not worry too much as long as the blade touches and cleans the side of the bowl.

The scraper is important, and I do the final stretching /kneading with the scraper only, and the roller removed.
I autolyse a 50/50 mixture of flour and water for about 20 minutes after just mixing to a homogenius state inclusive the dried yeast.
When the mixture starts to collect on the roller as the hydration level goes down while you add the rest of the flour to the autolysed wet dough, I remove the roller and scrape the dough off it manually into the bowl, and with the friction between the rotating bowl and the fixed scraper, the finishing touch is made.

My batch size usually starts with 1½ pounds of flour and the same weight water, and addition of salt and the additional flour (about  0,7-0,8 lbs) after hydration over 15 minutes until the dough has reached its final consistency.

If you have not looked around in the forum, I would suggest you find Varasano's suggestion of of he makes the best use of the machine, and points out that autolyse and longer time in the quite wet stages of stretching/kneading is effective for the gluten development.

Good luck and keep experimenting with the machine, as it is different to anything else you have used before.

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