Author Topic: Anyone From Allentown, PA-Favorite Pies? Philly burbs also :)  (Read 1676 times)

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Anyone From Allentown, PA-Favorite Pies? Philly burbs also :)
« on: November 25, 2006, 06:15:54 PM »
I've been in Allentown, PA for about 6 years now. I grew up and spent most of my life outside of Philly (Havertown) and we had many great and unique pizza joints. Every style of pizza was represented there, and represented well. When I moved to Florida and then Minnesota, I found that pizza outside the NE was just awful and couldnt even be had by the slice (odd!). Florida had a few ok ones, but Minnesota was the absolute worst, except for Old Chicago & Pizza & Pasta. So, here I am back in the NE and wondered if there was anyone from Allentown that wanted to share their favorite local spots.

Top Spots for me include:

Taste of Italy (wonderfully spicy pepperoni)
Westgate (nice corn meal touch on the bottom)
Vesuvios Sicilian pie & stromboli's
Ray's Pizza
Doughboys (decent Greek Style, but not as good as Philly area. A little bland).

Now jumpi back to my faves when I lived outside of Philly:

Pica's-wonderful medium thickess square pizza with sauce on the top (would love a recipe)-all time fave
Little Spot Pizza-great greasy greek style pizza
Italian Delight (broomall)-this is my favorite Neopolitan/NY pizza of all time. They also make a killer stromboli.
Cenzos-Not sure if its still around
Bryn Mawr Pizza-More Greek style goodness
Luca PizzaNow known as Allegro, but it was great when it was Luca's!
Scotto Pizza-Granite Run Mall
Orange Bowl-Springfield Mall....when I was little (10-12) my mom would leave me there when she shopped. I could eat a whole pie at that age. oink oink...I was a little fatty.
Circus Town-guilty pleasure
Pizza Oddysey-fantastic Greek Style pizza.