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New sources/ contact info. from Escalon
« on: November 26, 2006, 11:13:31 PM »
Safeway corporate said the Northern California stores are supposed to have the 28 oz. 6 in 1 on their shelves.  If not, please contact the store and ask them to replace this item back onto the shelves.
It is from loyal customers like yourself that we learn of these situations in the stores, and then we can act on solutions.  I truly appreciate your inquiry and your loyalty to our 6-IN-1 All-Purpose Ground Tomatoes.  To support your inquiry, I also suggest that you also submit a Product Request Form from your store manager of your Safeway store, requesting for the missing item to be restocked.  The UPC number used to identify the product is # 7848510010.
You should see the item in your store next week.  If you do not, please email me and let me know, and I can follow-up on it further.
Thank you once again.
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Escalon Premier Brands

Safeway NorCal includes Bakersfield north and also includes Reno and Hawaii.
If they are inquiring about anywhere between Bakersfield and Western Canada, please continue to have them contact me and forward their inquiries to me.   Because we are expanding to not just Safeway, but also Whole Foods, PCC and New Seasons, as well as other retailers in the Northwest, so I can direct them as we grow.

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