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Thin crust, biscuit crust.
« on: November 27, 2006, 08:46:10 PM »
The definition of the cracker crust on here states that it is rolled out thin and sheeted.  I guess that is accurate, though I was just back in Chicago over Thanksgiving weekend and had a chance to eat some pies that were not sheeted, but had some crackery characteristics.

I ate at Giordano's in Buffalo Grove and ordered their thin crust, which is the same dough formula as their deep dish, and not exactly very thin.  The crust when you look at it from the side, appears to have multiple layers, kinda like a cracker, or maybe more like a biscuit. 

Has anybody here used any of the Giordano's recipes in the Chicago style section to make a cracker crust, or a slightly less thick crust?
I had a similar experience at my favorite pizza place in the world, Pappi's in Glenview, IL.  Slightly thicker, but crackery and biscuit-like, and delicious.
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Re: Thin crust, biscuit crust.
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 The thing about Chicago thin crust is that alot of these places are Mom and Pops and the style, thickness factors, textures seem to widely vary form one to the next. I had Giordanos thinner crust a few months back and would not classify it as a cracker crust. Although the crust had the biscuit type texture, i find the higher oil amount being used inconsistent with what many might consider cracker crust.
I feel a cracker crust should be quite a bit drier than how deep dish dough bakes up. I also think the thickness Factor should be considerably lower than the Giordanos thin stlye.  I have experimented with thin sheeted/rolled deep dish crust and for me it produced too soft of a bite to be a cracker crust. Although i don't see any reason why you cannot experiment if you like a certain dough recipe.       Chiguy