Author Topic: Chicago Pizza Trip -- Through Thick and Thin  (Read 13340 times)

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Re: Chicago Pizza Trip -- Through Thick and Thin
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Hello everybody,just to review and share my visit to Union pizzeria in Evanston IL. as far as the locale its very trendy and attractive, the oven was built by an Assyrian I was told told by one of the workers, I don't think  the chimney has a good draw by the darkened front arch, but irregardless the heat was fierce inside ,timed a pizza at 2.5 minutes not bad at all the pizzas were at the table in about 10 minutes after it was ordered, it was very busy, on the style of pizza, very good taste and crispy bottom cracker style pizza, I prefer a more chewy outer crust crispy bottom myself more Napoletana style, all in all it was very pleasing trip, next stop Nella Pizzeria when I get a craving for a good WFO Pizza, I have not fired up my oven for pizza yet, to cold to spend time outside cooking pizzas ye :'(  :(  but I'm itching badly, resorted to finding WFO Pizza establishments in Chicago, I prefer my own if you all know what I mean to each their own ;D, my indoor pizzas are not to my liking, ,its all or none my taste buds say,WFO :pizza: rules,

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