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Need Dough Advice/Recommendations
« on: December 09, 2006, 12:17:20 PM »
I am hoping that someone might be able to help me get a  taste of home.
I am a displaced New Yorker and used to a variety of "to die for" pizza, the crust brown and chewy, the moz. fresh and gooey, and the pepperoni thin enough to read through and about two inches in diameter!  I moved to NC back in the 80's and haven't had a good slice of pie almost since then.  I have taken to making my own dough, but I am having trouble coming up with the right stuff (There was this place in my town called "Mrs. C's", I think the owner baked out of the back of her home, and it was the best I've ever had). 

I have tried many recipes, all come out papery and tasteless, they don't brown well and the dough isn't elastic enough to toss without poking holes into it.  I have tried increasing the water, increasing the yeast, limiting flour, using bread flour instead of all purpose. . . I could go on but it would take hours.  What I am looking for is a recipe that will make two 14 inch pies and handle a decent toping load without collapsing in my hand.  My husband thinks that I make the best pizza, and has even said that we won't order out anymore if I just continue to make it myself. . . if only he could taste a great pizza with the best dough!!!  Help Please. 

One note, I live in a small city in Souteastern NC, it's hard for me to find some of the ingredients that I have seen mentioned in other posts.  I'm lucky if the local grocery store has my favored brand of yeast, much less specialty brands of flour (there are two brands of bread flour, and 12 biscuit flours)  Any advice is appreciated

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Re: Need Dough Advice/Recommendations
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