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I've been researching 105 Diameter Neapolitan wood ovens.
Acunto Mario: Classico 3: 4,400 Euro
Acunto Napoli GA 105: 5,900 Euro
Forni Visciano M 105: 5,500 Euro
AM includes support legs, AN doesn't (extra 300 Euro fixed, 500 removable columns)
Both weigh about the same.
When inquired about gas/wood combo, AM said no problem to use both simultaneously. AN and FV said the gas burner should be covered, not used when using wood. So I've opted to go with wood only version.
Forno Neapolitano never replied to repeated emails. Stefano Ferrara was 10,000 Euro.
I've read the forum topics on these and can't really determine if the Acunto Napoli is worth the extra money. Any recommendations or other considerations?
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