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St. Louis New York & Chicago style
« on: January 08, 2007, 05:05:00 PM »
 I recently Had a birthday...34...and my wife asked me where i wanted to eat. I told her that I wanted to find another good option for New York And Chicago styles in St. Louis. I have been trying places over the years, and have only found one that i believe is truly New York Style.  It's a place called Racanelli's...even some transplanted New Yorkers have said that it's a great pizza!

 On this day we went to a place called Ami's...just a little strip center dive that is supposed to have 4 versions of pizza...St. Louis, Chicago, New York, and a New York-Manhatten- Style.

 We ordered the Chicago and Manhatten styles. The manhatten was very thin and foldable with a ring of thicker crust around the edge...the slices were narrow but was an 18" pizza. It was lacking in toppings...barely any cheese or sauce, but the pepperoni was good.

 The Chicago Style was not the typical biscuit type crust, it was more bread like and very thick, which was fine by me because i'm more fond of the bread type crusts. It was Put together as follows: Crust, Mozz cheese, toppings, sauce, and it had plenty of toppings. The Chicago style only came in 14" . I'll have to say that this place was ok.  A place I might go for something different, but not the ideal pizza joint.

 Just my 2 cents