Author Topic: Separate Residential & Commercial Categories?  (Read 7373 times)

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Re: Separate Residential & Commercial Categories?
« Reply #20 on: February 12, 2007, 05:10:08 PM »

I did not say "anything else will do".  I said that a good pizza man will make the best with what he has to work with and will not make excuses about how the oven sucked, or the mixer "was the wrong kind".

Pizzaioli were making pizzed long before hobart, woodstone, forno napoletano, dlx, etc..
It's the man first, tools second.

Pizze baked in under a minute does not impress me much, I have done this myself to many times to count.

I do not wish to argue about roles in the pizzeria kitchen, you have already covered who makes dough, brings in the wood, tends the oven, barks at the street, feeds the dog, etc...I think you even specified how old each one was...

How can you talk about Vera Pizze Napoletana and ignore the "disciplinaire" at the same time?  You claim to have amendments but cannot share them...Why?  Maybe you don't want people to see because you think you can make$$

1000 pizze in a day is the record sales, (imagine that ring. your clients would kill for that kind of business).  The norm is more like 700-900 depending on the day of the week.  And this is with what I consider to be mostly second rate cooks.  Imagine what we could do with real Pizzaioli.  (serious)

I do not doubt that you have used and continue to have access to the best pizza ovens in the world.  Sadly I haven't had the opportunity to use them.  I have mostly just used woodstone and my friends little italian oven, (don't know who made it).

I do know that everday the woodstone produces, 500-1000 pizze, 12 loaves of durum bread, 5 large loaves of sourdough, 7 baguettes, assorted roasted meats and vegetables, polpetine al forno, roasted olives, eggplant parmesan, etc...Not bad considering who made it....

I have used the (top of the line?) woodstone that uses gas and infrared and all of that stuff...Just terrible, really f-ing bad. (serious)
The little woodburners I like though...

anyway, I once again, invite you to taste my pizze, heck you can come spend a day with me in my kitchen if you like.
Will you please PM me with the quotes and specs on your ovens, mixers, flours, and consultations?

Thanks again,

pizza, pizza, pizza

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Re: Separate Residential & Commercial Categories?
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Again you are wrong... neapolitan ovens were developed together with pizza napoletana and the two have separated from from Bread ovens and focaccias/flatbreads...
Off course you need a great pizzamaker, but weighting all the tools individually the ovens is the only one that will really make a difference (e.g.hands could do for a mixer)

trust me the first time I get to DC I will pop into your pizzeria.

I have already demonstrated what I can do with an hobarth and a poor oven. But I did also said that is not suitable to do it in volume and certanly difficult to do it without the proper skills. Brad of Settebello has experienced the same thing and he did bake pizza in Naples, so he knows the difference (all readable in old posts).

It wasn't my client that told me about volumes, but suppliers and other VPN america members... very good for you and the guys owning the place in doing so

I talk about "Pizza Napoletana" not vera. Sorry, but here you are demonstrating a lack of knowledge as many members in Naples do not in fact follow a comma of that "DISCIPLINARE". For you is good because you were not taught in Naples in anyone pizzeria.
The disciplinare first draft was written in 1986 and agreed by few pizzeria. (out of thousands)... If you only knew the story about that first meeting to write this disciplinare... Pizza Napoletana (as we know it today cooked in neapolitan ovens, quickly, with simple topping) most likely was made already in 1660.

Why not putting on the net the letter of the ministry? Because that is one thing I really want to get published for the first time in the right place. You do not believe it? Ask VPN in Naples what they had to rectify at the ministry after probably the only documented complaint they received before the appproval deadline had passed.... Let me know what they say.

I do not think we are going anywhere. I know you are travelling to Naples, so let's talk after that.

About quotes, please send an email and you will receive info the same way.