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pizza screen questions
« on: July 10, 2004, 10:10:46 AM »
Hi guys,

So I'm thinking of taking the plunge, and attempting to use pizza screens instead of my pizza stone.  I just have some questions first:

1.  The screen sits on the oven rack, right?  I'm assuming on the lowest rack?

2.  I suppose a screen makes the pizza peel obsolete?  Or is the peel used for anything anymore?

3.  When you buy a screen of any size, is the screen *really* that size?  In other words, if you buy a 16" screen, is it *exactly* 16" in diameter?  This may sound like a silly question, but my oven is cramped for space, and an inch difference will determine whether or not the screen fits in there.

4.  Since with a screen, the bottom of the crust is directly exposed to the heat from the bottom oven element, I'm assuming that cooking times are shorter, yes?  And also there's not as long a pre-heat cycle (no stone to warm up fully)--you just preheat to a temperature and go, right?

Thanks for the help, people!


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Re:pizza screen questions
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2004, 10:25:02 PM »
Yes, the screen goes on the rack. Although I put mine 1 level up from the stone, when I was having burnt crust problems and that solved it.
I still use my stone and peel for  different pizzas, and as my screen is much larger than my stone I usually only use the screen for my large New Yorker Pizza. Otherwise I still love my stone and peel.

Besides on of the larger compliments I get on my pizza is the cornmeal that I use on the peel that is embedded into the bottom of the crispy crust when I take it out.
And yes I do believe you can just preheat the oven and go with the zza.

As for screen size, I have not measured mine but, it just fits my oven and is 16". I am pretty sure that it is 16" and no more. However if I get the chance I will check and get back to you, if it is larger it would not be anymore than 1/2 inch for the edge of the screen.

I hope some of this answered your questions Dave. ;D ;D
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