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flaky butter crust
« on: August 04, 2004, 11:38:24 PM »
Has anyone tried this with pizza dough:

Take your prepared dough that is ready to be shaped and topped and flatten it as normal, well maybe a little more than normal. Used a roller even. once you have reached an acceptable size (this being determined by the size of your dough) spread the whole thing with butter. Fold it over onto itself and roll out again re-butter, fold and roll out a third time. this time you just keep folding it in on itself and rolling it flat. do this about 7 times and you will have many many layers of butter,dough. It will be like a puff pastry or cresent roll.

Then use the final product for the crust as usual for a flaky buttery crust. ;D

I am planning on trying the aformentioned experiment soon, I am just curious if there are any other successes of failures out there for some advice.
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Re:flaky butter crust
« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2004, 05:18:25 PM »
Hi Focaccia,

yes, Steve has done this before. Look at this topic;action=display;threadid=196

I don't remember if Steve has repeated that test again... give it a try though yourself ! :D