Author Topic: BobGraff's Attempt at Aimless Ryan's Tommy's Pizza Clone  (Read 14805 times)

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Re: BobGraff's Attempt at Aimless Ryan's Tommy's Pizza Clone
« Reply #240 on: August 12, 2019, 04:08:45 PM »
Steel must be a key. I am baking on a Fibrament stone @585. I definitely needed the par bake to get the crunch I desire. I have done both ways par bake and non. Here is one today. Fibrament Stone @ 585. Par Bake for 2 minutes, cooled for about 15 or so, topped and baked for another 5 minutes. Turned out perfectly. I also changed a few things this time... only rolling out 1 dough ball and quartering it for a 4 layer lamination instead of 2 dough balls and 8 layers. I think I like the thickness much better on this pie. and still got lamination.

I was under the impression most of these places are baking for around 15 minutes on the deck? Steel has a much higher thermal conductivity than Fibrament: ie it transfers heat more efficiently, so it would likely speed up the bake time. In my opinion you need a slower, drawn out bake to get that crunchiness without par baking. In a shop they have the advantage of being able to use a lower hydration dough right out of the gate with a sheeter which wouldn't need as long to cook the water out.

Although your pie looks super crispy for a 7 minute bake time. Maybe you have a better oven than me, mine is definitely awful.

That said, I know Bob's been turning out some stellar pies on steel so maybe I've got this cracker thing all backwards.
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Re: BobGraff's Attempt at Aimless Ryan's Tommy's Pizza Clone
« Reply #241 on: August 12, 2019, 11:22:09 PM »
Cheers Bob! Last time I did laminated crackers I used Fazarri's technique of sheeting the dough, cutting skins, cold fermenting for a few days and use right out of the fridge. I lost most of my old pizza notes so I don't really remember anything specific I was doing.

Attaching a couple photos of my best laminated crackers, I'm pretty sure the round one was par baked and the square one wasn't.
edit: actually found my post on that pie! https://www.pizzamaking.com/forum/index.php?topic=43782.msg473623#msg473623
Funny I actually ended up balling the dough after laminating!  ???

I'm gonna have to re-read this whole thread and brush up on more of your experiments!

How long are you guys letting the dough/gluten relax after laminating before sheeting/rolling your final skins?

My process probably doesn't meet the definition of true lamination - I usually just roll out 2 100g dough balls, lay one skin on top of the other (plastic wrap on top and bottom), then gently roll it out a bit further.

The 2-layer thing is all about me being too lazy to do any more.  Takes me about 20 minutes to get one of these 2-ply skins rolled out and ready to top.  One pizza is no big deal, but if I'm doing three or more - whew!

I was getting good results using a stone, but switched to steel (post #147) after my stone broke.

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