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3 or 4 day cold ferment dough
« on: April 07, 2007, 12:55:25 PM »
I have a great recipe (on this site) for immediate use (2hr.). This is a fast dough recipe I was given at a culinary institute cooking class attended last year. I have alway made it in a 4 pizza size with one dough being used immediately and the other three frozen.

I just got behind and not all were frozen but tossed into the downstairs beer refrig in zipper bags.

I was getting an early morning malt refreshment today and found the last bag of dough - it had been in the refrig about 4 days. I opened it and it kinda seemed old and some vinegar had been created to my nose. I figured with the heck, I had sauce made and was going to give this this old dough a shot.

I go to the kitchen to heat to oven and see it has no racks - the wife has them packed with oven cleaner in black garage bags in the garage cleaning them for the easter ham.

I'm a grill-type pizza maker, so I looked at the grill in my backyard with 3"'s of fresh snow around it (NE Ohio) and figured I'm just going to go the the neighborhood watering hole for Saturday lunch (great sandwiches there).

I remembered I ordered a DENI small pizza oven about six months ago, got delivery of it and never opened it  (the one without the stone and a top and bottom electric element in it) - I went back to the garage and got that box, open the unit, washed it and put my dough on the supplied rotating pan, sauced and such - about 15 minutes later I looked in the little window the oven has and guessed the pizza was done from the way it looked. I opened the lid (next time I'll do that with a folk or something longer as the small steam burn I got on my thumb indicated I should have read the instructions on the little oven before I used it) -

Pizza was awesome, but only 11" as that is the max the little oven will service without dragging the dough against the sides of the oven as it rotates.

In summation - the little Deni Pizza oven is not a toy, but a great small pizza oven and 4 or 5 day old dough tastes better than same day dough.