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Advice needed.
« on: April 20, 2007, 08:07:32 PM »
Hello. I have a 2 yr old GE JKP86 electric oven. I don't use it too often and i have never done over 475 f in it. However, i have a pizza dough in the refrigerator tht looks very hopeful provided im able to get my oven temp really high. I also intend to perform the self cleaning cycle before the baking.
I wanted to know the maximum temperature i could set in this oven. There is absolutely no information about this in the instruction manual. I called the customer service and was told (the lady didn't seem to know and was trying to find from a manual) that I could bake anything upto 550 f degrees. however, while performing the self cleaning cycle, the oven temperature goes to 880f degrees.
An oven tht can go upto 880f at the self cleaning cycle, can be raised only upto 550 max while baking? Is this really correct?
I will be using a pizza stone on the lowest bottom rack. Another question is, while the oven is preheating say at 500 degrees f, how long should i wait before turning on the broiling to get the top of the stone hot (the oven does have the feature to bake & broil simultaneously). any advice and suggestions are welcome. Thank you 

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Re: Advice needed.
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2007, 08:56:49 PM »
My electric oven goes to 550. I use a fibrament stone and try to let it preheat for an additional 1 hour after the 550 temp has been reached. I cook on the bottom rack and have never had to use the broiler. I suggest you try baking your pie that way and see what happens. If your oven only reaches 500, it will just mean a longer cook time; say 8 or 9 minutes as compared to 7 at 550. Just be sure the stone gets sufficient preheat time. GOOD LUCK!   aRT
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