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Last nights Lehmann Pics
« on: May 08, 2007, 07:48:33 PM »
Hey, Guys,
Made some Lehmann pizzas last night and thought i would share.

Doughballs: 4 16 inch (546.93g)

Flour (100%) 1294.5g KABF
Water (63%) 815.53g (80 degrees) room temp about 70.
Cake Yeast (1%) 12.94g
Salt (2%) 25.89g
Oil (2%) 25.89g
Sugar (1%) 12.94g

Dissolve yeast in some water. Dissolve salt and sugar in rest of water. Add 75% flour and mix on speed 2 (kitchenaid) for 5-6 minutes. Add yeast water until mixed. Switch to stir and slowly add flour unitl all used and then oil until combined. Let dough rest in bowl for 20 minutes. Divide into balls and refrigerate for 24 + hours.
Sauce was 28oz. can Alta Cucina tomatoes, seeds removed, ground mixed with 1 cup Bonta Pizza Sauce. Some salt was added to taste.
Cheese was Stella Whole Milk Mozzarella.
All in all very good pizza, though too much sauce, and rim got fluffier than i like. I am convinced the Fresh Yeast produces bigger bubbles.
Well here are the pics, crits, comments welcome.