Author Topic: Boiled Leftover Pizza Dough. Boiled?  (Read 3548 times)

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Boiled Leftover Pizza Dough. Boiled?
« on: May 26, 2007, 02:19:35 PM »
I laughed when I was considering what to do with the leftover dough balls, tomatoes, and guanciale and conceived of Boiled Pizza alla Matriciana. But putting leftovers to good use is a noble endeavor, even if the dog is principle beneficiary (although he does have standards - few and inconsistently enforced).

Another factor was that I was itching to use my new chitarra tagliapasta (noodle cutter) from Abruzzo. So I rolled/stretched out the fermented/retarded/proofed pizza dough, cut it into noodles on the chitarra, boiled them and mixed with a bit of fresh matriciana sauce made from the tomatoes and guanciale.

My fear was that noodles might disintegrate or be mushy or gummy, so a box of bucatini was at the ready just in case. I didn't tell my wife that I was using pizza dough for the pasta. She immediately tasted the difference in texture and flavor and declared it to be a great dish. The flavor was a little yeasty and a little tangy and was very pleasant with the sauce. The texture varied since I was not trying to make every sheet the same thickness, but was toothsome and a little reminiscent of udon, gnocchi, dumplings, etc.

I guess I'm still laughing that such an unlikely use of leftover dough turned out so great.


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Re: Boiled Leftover Pizza Dough. Boiled?
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2007, 11:26:43 PM »

Roll it into a long slim cylinder, join the ends into a donut shape, boil it, then bake it -> Bagel!!!!!

Well, there are a few more details, but that's the basics.  I've used NY Style Pizza dough for bagels.