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Diastatic Malt and Whey
« on: May 30, 2007, 03:02:03 PM »
Peter and Red.November

I am starting to experiment with Diastatic Malt and Whey to see the effects on dough flavoring and texture.

Do either of you have any experience with these dough enhancers?  If so, what is your take on them.

I did a search on both and got nothing on this forum. Which supprised me, seeing it is suppose to be an element in dough flavor and texture.

MWTC  :chef:

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Re: Diastatic Malt and Whey
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2007, 05:24:45 PM »

I believe that you mean nondiastatic malt rather than diastatic malt. Nondiastatic malt, in either dry or liquid form, is the form of malt that is usually used to achieve greater crust browning and to achieve a sweeter and more flavorful crust. Diastatic malt, which can also be in dry or liquid form, is used to increase enzyme performance and the extraction of sugar from damaged starch. Both forms are defined in the Pizza Glossary at

The subject has also been covered on many occasions and in different contexts on the forum. If you do a forum search under my name (Pete-zza) using “malt” for search purposes, you will find several references to both forms of malt and their usage. An example is this one, which includes a discussion of the topic by Tom Lehmann:,609.msg5969.html#msg5969 (Reply 8).

See also this PMQ Think Tank post at;read=27007.

Dried dairy whey is also defined in the Pizza Glossary at If you do a forum search under “dairy whey” and my name, you will find many references to that topic. I have personally used dried dairy whey with Lehmann doughs and Italian 00 doughs. The A16 thread contains a lot of discussion on the use of dry dairy whey in dough formulations. If you limit your search to the Neapolitan Style section, you will more easily find the relevant A16 posts. 

See also;read=5322.

If you decide to use any one or more of diastatic malt, nondiastatic malt and dried dairy whey, you may want to keep in mind that the new expanded dough calculating tool at includes those ingredients in the list of pizza ingredients. You will also see a recommended range for use of diastatic malt, which I came up with after calling several domestic manufacturers of that product. That range is critical because using too much diastatic malt will usually lead to a gummy product. 

If you have any specific questions after reviewing the subject further, I’d be happy to address them.

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