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Emma's Pizza and Resturant Cranford NJ
« on: May 22, 2007, 04:39:28 AM »
This place has been open for about two years now is probably the best pizza in Union County NJ. They have a brick oven and cook there pies in 4 minutes they use San Marzano tomatoes A blend of Grande Whole milk Cheese mixed with some some Bufala Mozz mostly whole milk I would say about 90%  Grande 10 % Bufala overall the pizza is very good it can be expensive though  a large pie with 2 toppings is $20 Very good toppings. They make a Vodka pie with Prosciutto very good. The only problem is that its inconsistent I've had pizza there before and thought it was great and other times it was like a cracker hardly any cheese or sauce and for $15 I thought I was getting ripped off. It's an absolute Gold Mine though and there making a ton of Pizza's probably around 12 to 14 hundred pies a week. plus dinners they have to gross over $50 K a week. I also don't like the semolina flour they use as there bench flour, sometimes they put to much on the peel and the bottom doesn't char its such a waste with that great oven they have. Any way if somebody else has tried it, would be great to hear your opinion of it.  Thanks

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Re: Emma's Pizza and Resturant Cranford NJ
« Reply #1 on: July 18, 2007, 04:55:47 PM »
I have to be honest, I've been here a few times (since I live in Cranford) and I've never had a good pie.  The first time I got it home and it was burned...not "a little scorched"....I mean BURNED.  I had to bring it back and wait ANOTHER 45 minutes.  Every other time after that (4 times), I've had a less than acceptable pie.  And the real kicker is that no one there seems to care that the meal isn't good.  I've seen a lot of people bring pies back because they are burned, and the staff just shrgus their shoulders and puts you at the end of the line again.
For my money, the pizza is WAY better at Reggio's in Union and Spirito's in Elizabeth.