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Pizza Patron - Brownsville, TX
« on: August 15, 2004, 09:40:49 PM »
Dad wanted a quick pizza, and this place just opened up. I saw the special for a large 1 topping for $5, so might as well try it.

I'd never heard of this place, so I thought it was just another small independent giving the pizza biz a shot. I walked in ordered a pepperoni. After getting it home, I opened it to find a large pizza that wan't cut in wedges, but once in half, then completely straight across perpendicularly. The crust was thin and floppy, and chewy, and the edge was a little bit harder than breadlike, but nice and brown. The cheese and sauce weren't bad. Not bad for a $5 franchise pizza, definitely better than Dominos, Pizza Hut and Little Caesars not only in price but taste. I'll definitely "patronize" them from now on (since they are the closest place to me), up until they're not worth going to.
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