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Volante Pizza Miami
« on: July 06, 2009, 02:55:09 AM »
Sorry I haven't posted more reviews here, that was actually one of my goals....   :-\

Volante Pizza opened last month in an up-and-coming artsy part of Miami known as the Design District. The (locally) well-known owner is a collector of Italian cars (yep, very expensive habit) and keeps an old restored fiat parked out front.

He setup a wood-fired oven, despite the explosion of new coal-fired pizza joints in south florida the last year or so. I forgot to ask what type of wood they're using :(

I read a couple reviews where folks thought the crust was less than perfect, but I ate there when it wasn't real busy, the oven was really hot, and the crust came out wonderful; crispy and slightly charred, but still had some chew left inside. But the sauce and cheese were the real stars - you can tell I'm a fanboy no?

It always bothers me when people brag that they import san marzano tomatoes, and then I don't like the sauce but this sweet sauce was nice. Some people would probably yearn for a bit more tangy "bite" but I like sweet sauces with no chunkiness at all. But the cool thing about this store is the cheese. There is a whole counter dedicated to bufalo mozz for sale, and several varieties of cheese that I will try one of these days. The batch they used when I went there was as good as it gets.

I have no idea about toppings, as I like to try going without when I'm first trying a place. But I'll try later. We did have some pasta - the sauce was wonderful, but clearly you come here for the pizzas. This guy doesn't have a website, but there are writeups in the local press if you want more info. I'll post more So Fla pizza reports soon, I promise.

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