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Fried Butter Crust!!!!
« on: October 03, 2007, 07:08:26 AM »
This started out as being a quick focaccia experiment and turned in to a great pizza. I made the Lehmann NY Style recipe and set it aside for a couple hours while I made a cracker style crust for later in the week. I hand tossed and stretched the dough and threw a quick sauce together that was different than I've done before. I chopped bl. olives, onions, mushrooms, garlic, olive oil, a little pizza sauce and thought 'what the hell' and tossed in some leftover spinach dip all in a food processor pulsed to get a med. mince and seasoned with some pizza seasoning. After tossing/stretching I put the dough on a screen and brushed liberally with some ghee/clarified butter and placed a 18x18 piece of heavy duty foil on it, flipped over onto my pizza peel and re-shaped a bit and buttered the other side, what is now the top side. Now coated on all surfaces with the ghee I topped with a thick spread of my olive tamponde/pesto/sauce, a little mozz/prov cheese and at the last minue a few pepperoni. The crust looked like it was going to stick but as soon as it hit the stone it started to loosen up and sort of fry. Oven was 500 on put on a fibrament stone....WOW, probably the best crust I've tasted. I'm still a cracker crust fan but this had a crunchy, chewy, bagel like texture that I've been craving forever. I will ALWAYS do my crust like this now by buttering the bottom and putting on the stone with a piece of foil. Can't wait to try it on the cracker crust, I'll try to remember to post some pics. The warden said 'absolutley the best yet'. By the way, the ghee was taken to a med lite toasted stage so it had a nice amber color and buttery/caramel taste to it, flavor was great.
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