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New Dallas Thread
« on: September 20, 2007, 11:55:05 PM »
Note: The webpage told me to start a new topic as the old Dallas post is 120 days+ old.

I buy King Arthur flour at Kroger and or Tom Thumb in Coppell.  I also get the right Cento tomatoes at either store.  I grow my own basil in the summer.  Buy fresh oregano when I need it. 

Both stores carry an affordable and decent wet mozzarella.  Although, I love Central Market, it's along drive for me to Southlake, Plano or Lovers and I can't notice the difference between the cheeses once everything is said and done.

I think good pizza is about balance, these items work well for me and I am very much a food snob-foodie. 

Since coming to Texas, I've had to learn to make bread, pizza and BBQ.   ;D