Author Topic: Pizza making at home vs a restaurant  (Read 2538 times)

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Pizza making at home vs a restaurant
« on: November 04, 2007, 02:34:17 PM »
Sometimes when I read all the complexities of the posts at this site, I feel like the Jimmy Stewart character in "Flight of the Phoenix", when he finds out that the person engineering the restructure of his wrecked plane is an engineer for model planes.  But then the engineer informs him that model planes fly "without" pilots.  Although I've been building pizzas for over 30 years of my life, you just never quit learning.  It was through the experiments of making the cracker crust at home that I solved a problem at work which has been killing me for years.  As you can probably imagine, when you are working with very low hydration percentages of dough, small changes in flour can occur which make huge changes in your skins.  For instance, last week, I got a bunch of flour  which developed too fast in the I lowered the hydration rate by 3 percent (down to 34), and cut my mix time by almost one half.  The skins are absolutely fabulous now....thanks for stimulating all the thought guys.

I had a thought a restaurant, if a skin cooks to quickly, we slide a screen under to slow it down...or if a skin isn't browning, we simply move it to a hot spot.  These simple techniques can turn a good skin into a great skin.  We simply don't have much of this control in our home ovens, though, and I often wonder how many great recipes you all come up with, are just thrown away because temperature control isn't available...I guess I'm just simply amazed at great pictures I get to see here...God I love pizza!


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Re: Pizza making at home vs a restaurant
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2007, 03:56:30 PM »

I know what you are saying.

The thing that constantly amazes me about this forum is how innovative and creative our member are, with impressive problem solving skills. And they never give up trying to find answers and solutions to problems, whether it is with the inferior home equipment we have compared with professionals or with dough or sauce recipes. I know that if I were making pizzas at home in isolation without the benefit of this forum, they would be mediocre at best. It's the ideas that I gotten from our members that I would never have thought of myself that have made the difference. And there is so much knowledge on the forum that it is easy to get sucked into the subject of pizza making and become addicted to it. We have some incredibly talented and knowledgeable members.