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Pete's Steak House - Tomato Pie
« on: November 17, 2007, 07:46:47 PM »
Pete's Steak House
1855 N Olden Avenue
Trenton, NJ

The first time I went there I ordered a Tomato Pie to go
and it was the worst pizza I ever had because they over
cooked it and it was burn black on the bottom 90%.
I didn't find out until I got home, some 10+ miles away.
Anyway, I froze it, then scrapped off the black stuff,
reheated it and it tasted pretty good. So I decided that
everyone is entitled to one bad, right?

The second time I went there the Tomato Pie was perfect
with a bright red sauce in blotches around the melted cheeze
and the crust was a light brown over 100% of the bottom.
It was delicious! I'd say their sauce and the light brown
crust is what made it so good. The toppings went close to
the edge too which I like.

I reccommend trying the Tomato Pie at Pete's Steak House
but make sure you check the bottom for blackness if
you order it to go.

It's a small place wiith a 1950's look to it.

FYI: My name is pete but I have no connection to
the store other than being a customer a  few times
to date.

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