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Good Meat Cookbook
« on: January 11, 2011, 11:02:02 PM »
I got this as a Christmas gift and it is one of the most comprehensive book on meat I have seen so far out on the market.

The author, Deborah Krasner, not only gives a glimpse of its history, she also covers the subtle dangers of supermarket meats and its unwanted additions, the animal cruelty associated with it during slaughter, but also gives alternative options on those type of meats. Not to mention the health benefits that come with it.

It's not written in a radical style but more as an option, or pointer, toward other choices of meat. It is chock-full of great recipes, recipes I have yet to try, and gives wonderful advice on all different types of meat ranging from lamb to calf to beef to pork to game, etc.

I think it's a must have for every BBQ lover, stew lover and otherwise discriminating carnivore.

Some pics from the book...

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